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New Semester ... New Beginnings

Hey guys starting Tuesday I will be starting my Pre-Nursing classes and I am so excited to actually start my nursing classes. I plan on documenting my journey through my blog or videos on my Youtube channel. I know it will be a challenging journey but I am so ready to start this journey. This semester I am taking Microbiology, Human Anatomy , and Nursing Pharmacology. I will be going to school Monday through Thursday so not fully a week but still a long schedule. I am still going to post some new content along with life as a Pre-Nursing student. I  hope you guys stay tune for new content coming in the following week.  xo- Kia 
Recent posts

Braces Update

Today I decided to blog about my braces experience and give updates every time I visit the orthodontist.  So I have a full set of braces with an palate expander. I have had the palate expander for two years.  This appointment we discussed when they would remove the palate expander which crossing my fingers is Feb 1. I am so happy to finally have my mouth somewhat free and I will write my experience with the expander.  So after we discussed that I had my normal appointment where they go in  an adjust my braces. They added three steel ties for my bottom teeth and I still have on the smaller wire for the bottom and the thicker wire on top.  The colors I choose were teal on the top and lilac on the bottom . I love the color combination and cant wait to change it up my next appointment. I hope you enjoy my braces update. xo- kia

Naipo Massage Throw Pillow

This box was kindly sent to me for a honest review!

Who is Naipo ?
Naipo is a brand owned by Changchun Chengji Technology Co., Ltd. Naipo packs everything great about massage into affordable products that enable healthier lifestyles. In a modern world of fast living filled with stress, Naipo is committed to developing the best massage and relaxation products to deliver well-being and value to customers around the world.

Naipo massage pillows are cute,comfortable, and really help with massaging your back. The color I received was a neutral tan pillow. The material was very well made and easy to assembly. They make perfect gifts for friends , parents, or loved ones. I would highly recommend. On there website they have a variety of massagers to choose from based on what you need and works for you. I hope you enjoy my review. 
xo- Kia

Stocking Stuffer Ideas (Blogmas Day 6)

Stocking Stuffer Ideas 
I love going crazy looking for cute items to put in the stocking . Target and Walmart does such a great job having the items in a separate section where you can just go in a grab. I like to try a grab a variety of different items that I think that person might enjoy. 

These are just a few ideas that I might do for my family stockings . But make it unique and finds stuff that caters to that person. Hope you enjoy Blogmas Day 6 comment down below your stocking stuffer ideas.  xo -kia 

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The Christmas Tag (BLOGMAS DAY 5)

Hey guys I decided to commit to Blogmas, which means I will be blogging everyday for the month of December leading up to Christmas. I know its a challenge but I am willing to commit to it. With that being said , a lot of my content will be a variety of holiday theme goodies. I am also going to try and incorporate vlogging into Blogmas. 
The Christmas Tag 
1.  What is your favorite Christmas film ? 
Probably This Christmas ,  I love how its so family oriented and chill.  And I love the different Christmas cartoons . 

2. Have you ever had a White Christmas ?
Growing up  I did have a white Christmas , I remember living in Virginia at the time and it was really pretty. Now that I live in a much warmer climate , we normally see just the snow flurries which is pretty awesome as well.

3. Where do you usually spend your holiday?
At home with my family. When we lived closer to my family we would visit either the day of or after Christmas.
4. What is your favorite Christmas song ?
Its so hard …

Eclipse Sun Sleeves

This box was kindly sent to me for a honest review

When working out it is important to protect our skin from the sun. With Eclipse Sun Sleeve working out is a breeze the material is soft and flowy. They are also easy to slide on and wont irritate you . I got my pair in black and it matches perfectly with all my workout clothes. They also soak up the sweat and easy to wash.If you are looking for a perfect stocking for those people who love to workout then this is the perfect gift. Its perfect for training with sports especially during basketball and soccer season. For game day its perfect to slip on and off. I highly recommend if you love to workout a lot.  You get 1 pair ( 2 sleeves), Sun protection will not wash out, full arm and hand sun protection , chemical and hypoallergenic free.
Chemical Free- No chemicals are sprayed in nor washed into their fabric , the sun protection is woven into the fabric.
Here are some key features from the brand :
Cooling- Quick drying fabric wicks swea…

Long Time No Blog

Hey guys its been awhile. Lately I have been dealing with a lot of stress and changes in my life. I have been so busy focused on the negative that I lost sight of the positive opportunities going on in my life. Yesterday , I realized that I cannot please everyone , and that at the end I will only hurt myself. After today I plan on blogging regularly even if its a basic blog-post of what I am up too.  I am still trying to find myself and gain confidence. Over the last few weeks I feel myself falling back into the state in my life that I hated which I refer to as " the dark stage". Over the last couple of years I  finally learned how to cope with my anxiety and now with all the stress that has been piling up I fill my anxiety coming back. I am taking each day how its comes , I am also trying to start back with my daily devotions , and remind myself that I am not alone. Today I am forcing myself to take the next step of finding happiness , even if its stepping out of my comfor…