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Eclipse Sun Sleeves

This box was kindly sent to me for a honest review

When working out it is important to protect our skin from the sun. With Eclipse Sun Sleeve working out is a breeze the material is soft and flowy. They are also easy to slide on and wont irritate you . I got my pair in black and it matches perfectly with all my workout clothes. They also soak up the sweat and easy to wash. I highly recommend if you love to workout a lot.  You get 1 pair ( 2 sleeves), Sun protection will not wash out, full arm and hand sun protection , chemical and hypoallergenic free.
#skincare xoxo- Kia
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Long Time No Blog

Hey guys its been awhile. Lately I have been dealing with a lot of stress and changes in my life. I have been so busy focused on the negative that I lost sight of the positive opportunities going on in my life. Yesterday , I realized that I cannot please everyone , and that at the end I will only hurt myself. After today I plan on blogging regularly even if its a basic blog-post of what I am up too.  I am still trying to find myself and gain confidence. Over the last few weeks I feel myself falling back into the state in my life that I hated which I refer to as " the dark stage". Over the last couple of years I  finally learned how to cope with my anxiety and now with all the stress that has been piling up I fill my anxiety coming back. I am taking each day how its comes , I am also trying to start back with my daily devotions , and remind myself that I am not alone. Today I am forcing myself to take the next step of finding happiness , even if its stepping out of my comfor…

Fall Natural Hair Must Haves (Blogtober 17)

Lately I have been experimenting with different hair products to provide the right moisture for my hair. Today I will be discussing some of my favorite natural hair must haves for fall. And with the weather changing I normally keep my hair in a protective styloe for the most part. 
1. Coconut Oil - I love to seal in the moisture with coconut oil .  Its affordable and last a long time , a little goes a long way.  2. Castor Oil- Every night I love to massage my hair with castor oil , to promote hair growth and stimulate my scalp. 
3. Conditioning Grease- I use a small amount to add moisture to my hair and my hair stays soft and moisturized.  4. Gel- I use the Shea Moisture to lock in the moisture and this gel does not flake up either. 5. Conditioner- For conditioner I use the Tresseme brand  , its affordable and does the job.
I dont like to use a lot of hair products in my regimen and I normally will wash my hair once a week and moisturize daily . What are your favorite hair must haves…

Favorite Fall Recipe (Blogtober 16)

Sunday my friends and I had a dinner and I made Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars for dessert. I really loved how they turned out, the pumpkin was the right balance so satisfy my sweet tooth. I got the recipe from , Hope you enjoy.  PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE BARS RECIPE YIELDS 24 BARS 20 minPrep Time 50 minCook Time 6 hrTotal Time Save Recipe
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Favorite Fall Memory 2017 (Blogtober 15)

Hey guys , today I will be writing about my favorite fall memory. My favorite fall memory is when I was younger and I lived in Virginia , for each season the weather corresponded with it. During the fall time we  would always decorate our house with scarecrows and pumpkins it was always exciting , and made the season special. Then my mom would schedule to take us to the different fall festivities the had going on all month long. And she would do different fall related activities with us And then the closer it got to Halloween we would make goodies bags to give out for Halloween , it was so fun because I would sneak candy . Life was also so much simpler people were caught up in social media , people were actually out getting involved in the community. I really do cherish every moment of my childhood.  What is your favorite fall memory ? -xo kia Follow me on my social media to keep up with me ; Facebook :

Fall Manicure Look (2017) Blogtober 14

This fall I love the dark color nail polishes. I cant wait to get my hands on Opi's and Essies fall nail polish colors. In today's blog I will be talking about my favorite manicure looks for fall. I think having the right kind of nail polish can tie together your outfit. I am sucker for dark gray nail , I feel likes it versatile and goes with every outfit. I love dark colors for fall. I also love this nail shape I believe its the almond shape. Here are a few nail polish colors that I love and will be trying out for fall.

What are your fall nail polish trend ? xo-kia
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Blogtober 13 Fall Spice Tag (2017)

Today's Blogtober is the Fall Spice Tag I hope you enjoy and feel free to complete that tag in the comments below.

1. BB&W or Yankee Candles ? - I would have to say Yankee Candles the scent last longer to me and smells amazing especially the pumpkin spice. 2. Favorite fall accessory ? - Big chunky scarfs , I think they really tie together a fall outfit. 3. Uggs or moccasins ? -I never had Uggs , so I am going to go with moccasins  they are so comfortable and easy to slip on. 4.Fuzzy socks of knee high socks ? -I love my fuzzy socks. 5. North Face of Columbia jackets ? -North Face 6. Favorite fall food ? - Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake  7.Red or pink lips ? - Red lips are classy and appropriate for fall. 8. Winged eyeliner or bright eyeshadow? - I love the winged eye-liner look . 9.Natural of bright makeup? - I love natural looking makeup. 10. Apple pie or Brownies ? - I love apple pie during fall and brownies during the winter time.  11. Would you rather cook the food or eat the …