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Are You Fourth Of July Ready

I am so happy for the fourth even though I have to work I cannot wait to see the fireworks. Usually I spend my fourth of July with my cousins and grandma but since we are out of states I will be spending it with my immediate family which is still cool. Then after the fourth I will have to days to chill and relax hopefully I can go to Bath and Body Works to pick up new scents or maybe the PX they are really having good deals this week on beauty products. And I do have a confession I am a extreme hair junkie I cannot go to the store without having to pick up some type of hair product. Right now I am going without heat so I can get my curl pattern back , I miss my curly hair so bad . So I guess I will right to you guys later and I hope you enjoy my blog.


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Back to School Haul (2018)

Hey guys today I thought I would show you some of my school supplies for this upcoming semester. I am a pre-nursing student so a lot of the items I purchased are mainly for organization. The classes I am taking is Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 with lab and Pharmacology. This semester will be a lot of heavy material , memorization and reading. So I hope you enjoy what I picked out for this semester. 

Blogmas Day 7 (The Christmas Tag 2018)

Hey guys I decided to commit to Blogmas, which means I will be blogging everyday for the month of December leading up to Christmas. With that being said , a lot of my content will be a variety of holiday theme goodies. I am also going to try and incorporate vlogging into Blogmas. Since its been a while I thought I would start off Blogmas with a Christmas Tag hope you enjoy.
The Christmas Tag 
1.  What is your favorite Christmas film ? 
Probably This Christmas ,  I love how its so family oriented and chill.  And I love the different Christmas cartoons .  And The Nutcracker I have always been drawn to the dancing and the music.

2. Have you ever had a White Christmas ?
Growing up  I did have a white Christmas , I remember living in Virginia at the time and it was really pretty. Now that I live in a much warmer climate , we normally see just the snow flurries which is pretty awesome as well.

3. Where do you usually spend your holiday?
At home with my family. When we lived closer to my fa…