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Sisters Graduation OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

Dress: Ross

This summer my goals is to blog daily or weekly and uploads my daily adventures to You-tube daily or weekly. I am still new to learning the ropes on bettering my blog website so bear with me. My goal is to make this blog  a lifestyle blog. To start it off May 21,2015 Was my sister's graduation we spent what felt like the whole day shopping and looking for a dress to wear to the ceremony. I found my dress at Ross they had a lot of cute pretty unique dresses. My sister wanted each of us to stick to the corral theme so that we are all matching. But I wanted a dress that was eye-catching yet still followed the them she was going for. I bought a coral maxi dress the bottom had a chevron floral print. I paired it with some nice coral gladiator sandals. I did not wear a lot of accessories because the dress had a lot going on anyways.  I hope you enjoyed my blog and be on the lookout for more post in the future,
xo- Raakia 


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The Christmas Tag 
1.  What is your favorite Christmas film ? 
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2. Have you ever had a White Christmas ?
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3. Where do you usually spend your holiday?
At home with my family. When we lived closer to my fa…