Summer Bucket-list (Vision Board) 2015

This summer I decided to create a summer bucket-list of goals and fun things to do this summer. I know that I will not complete every single item on my list but I thought it would be fun to create and put out my dreams. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking or the law of attraction.

My Summer Bucket-List ( Vision Board ) 2015

1. Meet Oprah ( Oprah is such an uplifting person and an inspiration during my struggles I always found myself looking up to Oprah. She is the true definition  of a woman she carries herself with dignity and never lets anyone affect her.)
2. Better Myself ( Sometimes I tend to dwell on the negative things in life and miss out on the positive things in life. I let bad situation dictate the rest of my day.)
3. Have a Successful Blog and You-tube Channel(  I don't want to be you-tube famous but I have always wanted to document my life as if it was a reality show like the Kardashians. I also want to have a successful blog were I can grow my vision and dream with you guys.)
4. Acceptance of my Flaws ( I want to accept my scars and imperfection and embrace them. I want to embrace where other girls who were afraid of the imperfection feels comfortable with their body and skin.)
5. Have my dream-house built ( I can only focus on the positive.)
6. Be Free ( Accept life and the curve-balls that comes with it.) 
7. Host and Award Show
8. Have an epic family vacation in Florida with my whole family.
9. Walk the Red Carpet
10. Go to LA and Star in my own reality show.
These are my top ten vision board / summer bucket list that I believe and accept that will happen in due time. What are your visions/goals that you wish to complete.


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