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Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

Hello guys today I just recently order my Lilly Agenda for school this year. The print I bought was "Tusk in The Sun ". I am so ready for school to start now that I have  my agenda this year.$JPGHigh$
The Agenda only cost $28 for the large and free shipping. They did have the jumbo planner but not in the print I wanted. I heard so many great reviews for the agenda and I cant wait to get mine. Its weird that getting an agenda for school is really exciting (such a nerd). On that note Thursday I plan on going to the city to go shopping and look around for cute items for my bedroom. So hopefully I will remember to take pictures and make a blog-post for you guys. xoxo -Raakia

Life Update

Hi guys how is your day? This week I have been busy with work that I hardly had time to blog let alone sit and enjoy watching my favorite shows. So much is going on this week and I am so excited first the new Jurassic World movie is out and I have been waiting a long time to watch it so hopefully I will see it this week . Secondly Pretty Little Liars is now getting to the good part and we know who "A" is but  we learn more about "A". Wednesday I will be going out of town to the city to hangout and maybe do a little shopping. (pics will follow) Then Monday I will register for school that should be fun. I have a lot of blogpost ideas and youtube videos that I will be working on this summer I have a camera now so that will be fun. I plan on redoing my room and I  recently got a car a couple months ago so their will be a car tour post and a room tour post. As of now I am enjoying life and focusing on the positive.
xoxox -Kia