Summer TV Shows


This summer I have been binge watching these shows everyday and now that summer is coming to an end I cannot wait until Fall for the new seasons to show:

1. The Fosters has been my number 1 go to show for the summer. I love the drama and excitement in the show . I really hope Callie gets adopted soon. The show is great for teens and is very diverse.
2. Pretty Little Liars I have been watching everyday now and I cant wait to see who "A" is the suspense is killing me. August 11 needs to hurry up  I do feel like Charles is out there and someone else is framing Charles and the parents might know who it is or it could be someone in the parents past 

3. Younger is my new favorite show it has my childhood actor Lizzie McGuire . The show has an interesting story-line and I cant wait to watch season two. Their is still more to learn about the show as the seasons progress but for now it has been on of my favorite. 

I also cannot wait until Grey's Anatomy returns as well as Empire  this Fall hopefully the new season is worth watching. What are your favorite TV Shows this summer ?


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