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College Back to School Essentials

2016 College Back to School Essential$JPGHigh$
1.The Agenda only cost $28 for the large and free shipping. They did have the jumbo planner but not in the print I wanted. I heard so many great reviews for the agenda and I cant wait to get mine. Its weird that getting an agenda for school is really exciting (such a nerd). The agenda is not only good for school but also for my everyday lifestyle.

Embark Recycled Content JarTop Backpack
2. My second essential is a decent backpack I purchased the Ebony and Winter White Polka Dot Embark book-bag from Target for only $20.00.  The inside is this coral color and I love coral .Its also made of recycled content which is a plus for me.. This is the one I currently used and used last year. Its very durable and you can fit you laptop in it as well. Being a college students it hard to use only a purse and carry your books.
Chute™ Bottle, Orchid, 25oz.
3.A Camelbak Chute Bottle water bottle is a must. Walking around school all day can get pretty exhausting , I get really thirsty quick . I always have to have water with me everywhere I go it helps me stay hydrated. I also love to put lime slices in my water to give it flavor in school.
Image result for note cards

4. Note-cards is another on of my favorite essentials. With the classes I'm taking this semester having note-cards is easy to study terms and questions for exams and quizzes. Its also a good study habit especially if your entering the medical field.

  Image result for papermate pencils
5. Let me tell you having a great writing utensil  for school is the best thing. I love using these mechanical pencils especially when its comes to taking notes and writing labs. The plus is I do not have to have a lot of pencils in my bag because it comes with refillable lead and erasers.


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