Quick Haul

Quick Haul 

Hey guys , so yesterday I did a little shopping and I thought I would share what I got. On Saturday my town had a little festival called The Oktoberfest so I went to that I had fried Oreo's , Curry-wurst , a German Bratwurst, and Street Tacos. No I did not have it all to myself but it was pretty worth it especially the Deep Fried Oreo' s. After the festival I headed to Walmart ,Target  and Marshals and here what I got. 


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1. The first thing I got at Target was Starbucks Pumpkins Spice Latte($11.99).  Its perfect when  you want that pumpkin flavor and you do not want to go out for it. 

2. The second item I got at Target was the Methods  Rebecca Atwood  Pumpkin Clove hand-soap  (3.99). I am obsessed with her cleaning line  and the smell is to die for. Not to mention her cleaning supplies are natural as well which is a nice bonus.


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1. I kind of went a little crazy at Marshall's .  So my main unexpected purchase was the Kate Spades wallet. I am literally obsessed with this wallet . I love how bright the color is and the deal was amazing. It is also a wrist-let and very spacious.

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2. I also picked up some baking spices for baking this fall season. The first item I got is the Apple Pie Spice (2.99). And the second item I got is Salted Caramel Flavored Sugar so I can add to my coffee and or toppings for my cupcakes. 

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3. I also bought an Apple Cider Donut Mix to make this fall. I thought it would be a perfect treat to enjoy on a cozy fall day.


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1. The first thing I bought was four fall place-mats for the table. I also cant wait to show you guys an update of the fall decorations I have plan. 

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2. The second fall decoration I purchased was an owl for the door. I love owls and thought it would be a perfect touch for fall so why not. 

I hope you enjoyed my quick little haul post. Don't forget to comment and share.  What are your fall essentials ? 
-xo Kia 


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