100% Natural Granite Whiskey Stones

100% Natural Granite Whiskey Stones

by Choice of Connoisseurs

Hey guys so are you looking for a perfect gift for the holiday or your loved one birthday. Well here's a perfect gift. The Choice of Connoisseur has a nice Natural Granite Whiskey Stones which is perfect for a nice chill drink without it diluting your drink with water. 


The box includes 14 pieces 12 granite whiskey stones, 1 pair of Tongs and , 1 Velvet pouch.  The tongs are nice a durable and easy to grasp. The granite whiskey stones are a reasonable size that is not to bulky in your drink.  The velvet pouch is a nice size to hold all the stones and is very durable. 

All in all the Whiskey stones are a perfect stocking stuffer, and a perfect gift to your loved one. 
You can purchase The Whiskey Stone on Amazon. 

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*Disclaimer I received this item for Free in return for your honest and unbiased review


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