Blogtober Day 7

Best/ Worst Vacation

The best vacation that I went on its so hard to narrow it down because I loved all the vacations I've been on. But since I have to choose it  would have to be the time I went to Florida in 2009. My family and I went to Disney World and Universal Studios and honestly that was the best summer ever.  We had so much fun and honestly I would do it all over again if I could and hopefully my whole family could come.  There's no words to describe this vacation , so be prepared for lots of pictures.



And there are many more pictures but these are just a few to highlight some of  my favorites. 
I honestly can not say that I've a worst vacation , each vacation that I have been fun. Even the ones that were unexpected I have been blessed to enjoy and look back on each vacation. 
Let me know in the comment your favorite vacation or worst vacation.


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