He ask me what day it was... Blogtober 3

One Thing You Cannot Live Without ?

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Well this is a hard one thing I cannot live without is Subway's Spicy Italian foot-long. I know this is cheesy and not really what some people expect for you to live without, but I cant help it I love food especially a good sand-which. I mean it healthy right?

 I seriously have been craving one all week but haven't worked up the chance to go get one.  I normally get my sand-which on the Italian Herb and Cheese bread and toasted. When it comes to the veggies and sauce I pretty much go all out. The more the merrier I say. And since today is October 3 you have to have a movie night and watch Mean Girls. 
What's your favorite sub to get and what toppings do you add ? Let me know in the comments below.


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