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A Girls Guide To Surviving College....

Recently this week school started back again, which means more stress and more organization. This year I will be graduating so the stress is a little high for me. I thought it would be interesting to share some of my top essentials that have helped me with surviving college now.

1.  I know this sounds so cheesy but have a planner really helped me stay organized in college. I remember in elementary school when they started given us planner I did not quite grasp the concept of how to use it. But let me tell ya I don't know how I will stay sane without a planner. I normally color code each subject with a different pen color. Right now I have been using Lily Pulitzer Agenda, but I find that any agenda works as long as you make it yours.

2. Note-cards are also one of my most need essentials. If you are going into a medical field or any field my professor stressed the importance of having note-cards where you can go back and study. They have personally helped me with studying for my test and remember a lot of math formulas. And as a bonus they even have cute little cases where you can store the card. As I further my degree into becoming an RN I know they will help with memorizing medical terminology and ect.

3. Time-management is another big essential, in college you have to manage your time wisely or you will fall behind. Personally I work and go to college so I have to really value my time and make sure I get assignments turned in on time, go to work on time, and balance my social life. Sure at first it seems like a challenge, but I promise once you get down a routine everything will fall into place.

4.  FOOD !!!!
5.  There are some more of my essential must haves for college in the picture above.

What are your college must have / advice for college ?


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