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My Goals For 2017...

Today I thought I would share with you guys some of my goals for 2017. This year I want to focus on goals that would genuinely make me happy.  I also want to practice on manifesting my goals and visions in to reality. I have also done a vision board for 2017 which has all my visual goals and achievements that I want to accomplish. If you would love to see my vision board let me know in the comment below and I will make a post about it. Its very inspirational and helpful especially if your a visually person. Also there is a video on Netflix called The Secret which is also inspirational in accomplishing your goals.

One of the goals I want to accomplish is going into life with a positive mindset. I know it sounds kind of cliche but I find when I am happy and positive more opportunities start to open up. Also I find myself very happy with myself.

Another goals is to stay consistent with blogging. I want to at least get a blog-post up once or more a week. Blogging has been one of my many outlet from school and work. I want to have more creative blog post that shows more of my personality. 

Traveling places that I've never been is another goal. I want to travel to California or Vegas at least this year and if possible to more places. I have always wanted to visit California to eat the great food and become a Californian for a day lol. And lets not talk about Vegas know that I am twenty-one I want to see what Vegas has to offer. 

I also want to stop spending money on items that I dont need and focus more on saving The older I get I want to learn how to properly budget my money and have a decent amount of savings.  I want to prepare for the future and still enjoy life.

Another one of my goals is to grow spiritually with Christ. My relationship with God is not where I want it to be right now and I want to change that . I want to read my bible more and set time aside for reading the bible and having devotions. 

What are your goals for 2017? comment down below. 

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