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Weekend Recap

Saturday-  I went to work for five hours then headed into the city. My family and I went downtown to check it out. It was so beautiful who would have thought in Arizona downtown would give you California vibes. We then went to find something to eat , trying to figure out what to eat in my family is defiantly a heated debate lol. We ended up trying out this Greek Restaurant and it was so good. I ended up getting a Gyros platter with Greek fries and a large water with lemons.  After that we ended up going to a new ice cream place called Simply Rollies Thai Ice-Cream, the ice cream was so good. And the process of them rolling the ice-cream was interesting to watch. I end up getting Matcha with cheesecake , strawberry wafers, chocolate chips, and strawberries with whip. I am defiantly going to try this place again. 

Sunday- I ended up working the whole day and finished up some of my school work. 
What did you do over the weekend?