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March Favorites

Today , I thought I would show you guys what I have been loving for the month of March. Its hard to believe that March is almost over this year is literally flying by. In May I will be graduating college and it still seems so unreal. But anyways these are the products I been loving for the month of March.

Purse Essentials (Night Edition)

1. Great Lash Mascara- I always keep clear mascara with me because sometime my eyelash hair irritates my eyes. And its perfect when I don't want to add more black mascara.

Ashley's 19th Birthday Vlog

I hope you enjoy my first vlog of my sister's birthday dinner. I am still getting use to the whole editing and recording more. I hope you still enjoy some of the footage I got and dont forget to share , comment, like, and subscribe. 

Channel Trailer

So recently I have been into doing more videos for you-tube. So I will be doing blogging and corresponding you-tube videos from now. Subscribe to my channel link below.  Hope you enjoy my intro to my you-tube channel.

Spicy Noodle Challenge (FAIL)

Today I thought I would share with you guys the challenge my sister and I did over spring break. Although we did not succeed on this challenge it was fun to do. We have another video coming out so stay tune , we try different candies.