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Oh No She Didnt !

Hey guys today I am showing guys what I recently purchased from Elf's spring sale.
They had a great deal where if you spend $25 you receive a free March mystery bag and I couldn't pass up on this offer. Especially since I really want to start wearing makeup.  So this is what I purchased.

1.  Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 with Aloe ,Cucumber and Vitamins A,C,&E in the shade Almond.

2. Moisturizing Foundation Sticks the only reason  I got different shades is to see which one matches my skin the closest. The shades I got is Caramel, Almond and Coffee,

3. Flawless Eye-shadow in the shade Tantalizing Taupe, hopefully since I am a beginner to makeup this will help me out since it is labeled.

 4. Eyebrow Kit in the shade medium. 
 5. Flawless Face Powder in the shade Toffee. 
 6.  Baked Trio Eye-shadows In the shades Peach Please and Brown Bonanza . They are are pretty natural colors.  

7. Sun-kissed Face Bronzer

8. Beautifully Bare Lash Tint Mascara 

9. Eyebrow Treat & Tame in the shade Medium 

10. Tone Correcting Concealer

11. Cover Everything Concealer.

12. The Next Items are brushes 

12. I also bought a new pair of eyelash curlers.

13. The next items are the freebies that came in the March mystery bag when you spend $25.

14. In the box was also a free sample of their Illuminating Eye Cream and Mineral Infused Face Primer.

I hope you enjoyed my quick makeup haul of Elf products that I purchased from the Spring sale. 

xoxo- Kia

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