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Skincare Routine (Summer 2017)

Hey guys , with the summer heat my skin has been a wreck. Recently I found a great combo for my combination skin that has really helped with the scarring and acne itself . Most of the products I use are pretty much natural and affordable. 
1. Cleanser- I use to use the most expensive cleanser like Clinique and a few other drug store products like Clearasil , Clean and Clear , and Acne Free. I found that those product only work for a short period of time. And I needed something that would help get rid of the acne as well as the scarring left behind. I remember my mom telling me to go with the basic for my face and she mentioned using black soap. So yesterday I went to the commissary and purchased black soap from the brand Shea Moisture and it worked wonders overnight. I could tell a huge difference in the way my skin felt after using it. And the good thing is it was less then three dollars.

2. Toners- I never knew how important toner were, until I read an article about the importance …

A.D is Revealed Pretty Little Liars (Spoiler)

Hey guys its Kia , yesterday I watched the final episode of Pretty Little Liars it was bittersweet as well as kind of disappointing.  This show has been on since I started high-school and know its finally over. There are going to be some spoiler alerts for those who have not watch the newest episode and for those who watch the episode lets continue.  In the beginning of this episode all the girl where together sitting at the table ,time fast forward to Allison having her baby and they ending up being twins. Hannah was taken care of Mona and Caleb was upset that Hannah feel like she has to help her. Aria and Ezra were getting married although they had some bumps in the road towards their wedding day. Aria confessed to the girls that she had infertility issues and then later confessed to Ezra. And Spencer I knew from the beginning of this episode something was off with her. And what I also thought was strange was Addison was suppose to be like Allison and the girls in high-school were …

Did anyone say vacation ?

Hey guys, since it summertime today I will discuss my top five place that I will love to vacation at. 

Dont Worry , Be Happy (June 2017)

This box was kindly sent to me for a honest review!

Starbucks New Summer Drinks

Summer Essentials 2017

Schools out and summertime is here, today I thought I would share some of my summer essentials that I will be using this summer or trying. They are in no particular order and they range from beauty and lifestyle.

Summer Bucket-list and Aspirations

This summer I want to achieve some of my goals whether they are big or small. Some of my goals may be silly and some are not. But the ultimate goals is to live life with no regret this summer and going out of my comfort zone.  So here are my top nine summer goals and aspiration for summer 2017: