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A.D is Revealed Pretty Little Liars (Spoiler)

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Hey guys its Kia , yesterday I watched the final episode of Pretty Little Liars it was bittersweet as well as kind of disappointing.  This show has been on since I started high-school and know its finally over. There are going to be some spoiler alerts for those who have not watch the newest episode and for those who watch the episode lets continue. 
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In the beginning of this episode all the girl where together sitting at the table ,time fast forward to Allison having her baby and they ending up being twins. Hannah was taken care of Mona and Caleb was upset that Hannah feel like she has to help her. Aria and Ezra were getting married although they had some bumps in the road towards their wedding day. Aria confessed to the girls that she had infertility issues and then later confessed to Ezra. And Spencer I knew from the beginning of this episode something was off with her. And what I also thought was strange was Addison was suppose to be like Allison and the girls in high-school were kind of reliving what the other girls had experienced
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So without telling the whole episode Spencer had a twin named Alex who was A . Which was a good story-line but to wait seven long seasons to figure that out wasn't worth it. Spencer twin accent was a little strange because it almost sounded like she was British and Australian. And pretty much Alex was following the same footsteps as her mom. I knew that there was going to be some evil twin plot twist because of the book. Also at the end Spencer's mom and twin supposedly got arrested but at the end Mona had them in a room in Paris . Hannah got pregnant , Aria and Ezra went on their honeymoon . Emily and Allison are now engaged , and Spencer and Toby will most likely end up together. 

What was your thoughts on the final episode of Pretty Little Lairs? Who did you want A to be ?
What show will you be watching next ?

xoxo- Kia

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