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Natrogix Bliss Top 9 Essential Oils Set

This box was kindly sent to me for a honest review!

Looking for perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day of work and school , well I have the perfect solution for you. Natrogix Bliss Essential Oils offers a variety of nine different oils with different benefits to help put you in a relaxing mood.  In the kit you will receive a variety of nine different essential oils , a quick start guide with detail information of the oils, as well as a free eBook to download. I use the oils in my aromatherapy diffuser which gives my room a nice relaxing smell . 
The oils feature in this variety pack is :

Tea Tree-  Great for acne and ointments

Frankincense- Considered a holy oil use for instant sense of peace and decorum

Lemongrass- Perfect for massage oils and natural skin care

Eucalyptus- Relieves exhaustion, enhances creativity , and relieves pains and heals.

Peppermint-  Brings you back to center and eliminates fatigue and drifting thoughts.

Rosemary- Perfect for long study session or long drives

Sweet Orange- Takes you back to the pleasant memories of holidays , family picnics, and quenching refreshments

Lemon- Can change your outlook and cleanse your surrounding

Lavender-Relieves anxiety and stress it also helps you sleep better at night


xoxo- Kia

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