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Blogtober 5 Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

 You are beautiful , the way you carry your confidence without a care in the world makes you unique. The way you stand out to be different makes you brave. The way you embrace others with love makes you special. Everyone is beautiful and unique in there own special way. Its refreshing to hear positivity once in a while especially with everything going on in the world. I wish I had the knowledge and confidence I have  now as a child , because it would have save me from the feelings of I am not good enough.  You have the power to create your destiny . You have the power to achieve the goals you want to achieve. Don't let others discourage you from reaching for the stars even if it is impossible. Its so easy to get distracted from reaching your goals by simply hiccups that can be avoided with a positive approach. I'm not going to lie there have been plenty of times where I just wanted to give up or felt that there was no possible way that I will be able to do what I love. But I keep reminding myself that one day I am going to look back and see what I have accomplished and is accomplishing. Just remember there is always someone rooting for your success and remember you are your biggest fan. Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.


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Back to School Haul (2018)

Hey guys today I thought I would show you some of my school supplies for this upcoming semester. I am a pre-nursing student so a lot of the items I purchased are mainly for organization. The classes I am taking is Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 with lab and Pharmacology. This semester will be a lot of heavy material , memorization and reading. So I hope you enjoy what I picked out for this semester. 

Summer Curly Natural Hair Must Haves ( Summer 2018)

1. Invest in a good conditioner it doesn't have to be expensive , I like to use Garnier Whole Blend Restoring Conditioner in the scent Maple Remedy. I find that with this conditioner it deeply nourishes my hair and retains moisture. 

2. Get a good leave in conditioner, I normally switch between the Curls Blueberry Bliss and Garnier Curl Nourish Butter-cream. I like both of them and they both smell good buts its all preference and what works best for your hair. 
3. In the summer time I do not like to put a lot of tension on my hair so I switch to using scrunchies instead of hair ties. I find that my hair is still secure without the tension.

4. When I do a wash and go I love to use Miss Jessie's Coily Custard for the summer time , its easy to apply and throw your hair in a pony.
5. I also apply coconut oil to my hair each night before bed when I put my hair in a protective style. I find that it moisturizes my hair and my hair feels soft and more manageable in the morning. 

Back to School Haul 2018 (Planner Edition)

Hey guys today I will be showing you some of the planners I picked up for the semester. And I will be showing some of the planner accessories as well. This semester I picked up three planners , I know thats too many planners but I have my reasoning's.  The first planner that I picked up was the Lilly Pulitzer planner its convenient for my job but as far as school there isn't a lot of space to work with especially being a nursing student.

The second planner I picked up was the Green Botanical , this planner has a lot of space to write in and plus there is extra pages in the back . I will be using this planner for school .

The third planner I purchased was this one , I am not sure of the name but I got it from Micheals. It is similar to the Happy Planner and I will be using it as my everyday planner .