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Blogtober Day 4 (Surviving Your Wisdom Teeth Removal )

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Recently I got my wisdom teeth remove, now last week if you had ask me was if I was scared I would have told you yes. But , I am here to tell you for me personal it did not hurt and how I saw people react in videos was not the case for me. I got my wisdom teeth removed Thursday September 21 at 900 the procedure didn't take that long either. The night before the procedure I could not eat for at least eight hours prior to the procedure it was a piece of cake at first, but that when I became extremely thirsty.  We had to arrive at the office to check in at 8:45 they went over the last minute information and to schedule a follow up. I had three wisdom teeth that was being removed and one was impacted. I chose to be asleep during the procedure and I even asked to keep my teeth. So at 9:00 the nurse called me to the back to get my vitals and start the iv process. I thought getting the iv installed was going to hurt but it didnt , the doctor used a numbing spray then proceeding to insert the needle. After that I was knock out and dont remember anything after that. When I finally woke up the pain was bearable and I wasnt hallucinate or acting out of character. I remember the nurse asking if I was ready to go and that she was going to get my mom. She rolled me out in a wheelchair and then  I went home. 
Day 1- The pain was bearable and I took the medicine prescribed which helped and all I did was sleep and eat applesauce. My face was a little swollen but not to much.
Day 2- I felt the pain more but with the prescription it helped ease most of the pain . At this point my face was swollen and I was hungry. And the only thing I could eat was applesauce or pudding. 
Day 3- The pain was getting easier to handle but I still need the prescription. My face was super swollen and I used an ice pack to help with the swelling. Eating was still a challenge not only because of the wisdom tooth but, because I have an expander and braces. I still slept majority of the day . And to get me out of the house my mom and me went on walks. 
Day 4- The pain wasn't that bad and I stopped taking most of the prescription. I still had trouble eating due the wisdom teeth and having an expander. My face was still swollen and I switch to using a heating pad instead of an ice pack. And to get fresh air I went on a walk with my mom.
 Day 5- I went to the follow up appointment and the doctor said everything looked the way it was suppose to. He told me that the possibilities of getting a dry socket is out the question . And he gave me a syringe to use after I eat. I did have that much pain and I could slowly start eating regular food again. Also , I forgot to mention that I had stitches for my impacted and the doctor said it would just fall out. 
Day 6- Everything was pretty much back to normal the pain was gone, eating was normal , and my stitches fell out. 
Day 7- I fully recovered and now I am just waiting on the holes to close.

Well I hope you enjoy my wisdom teeth removal experience.
xoxo- Kia

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