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Braces Update

Today I decided to blog about my braces experience and give updates every time I visit the orthodontist.  So I have a full set of braces with an palate expander. I have had the palate expander for two years. 
Image result for palate expander
This appointment we discussed when they would remove the palate expander which crossing my fingers is Feb 1. I am so happy to finally have my mouth somewhat free and I will write my experience with the expander.  So after we discussed that I had my normal appointment where they go in  an adjust my braces. They added three steel ties for my bottom teeth and I still have on the smaller wire for the bottom and the thicker wire on top. 
Image result for steel ties braces
The colors I choose were teal on the top and lilac on the bottom . I love the color combination and cant wait to change it up my next appointment. I hope you enjoy my braces update.
xo- kia 


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